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ICBC Business Review

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China was established on 1 January 1984. On 28 October 2005, the Bank was wholly restructured to a joint-stock limited company. On 27 October 2006, the Bank was successfully listed on both Shanghai Stock Exchange and The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

Through its continuous endeavor and stable development, the Bank has developed into the leading bank in the world, possessing an excellent customer base, a diversified business structure, strong innovation capabilities and market competitiveness. The Bank regards service as the very foundation to seek further development and adheres to creating value through services while providing a comprehensive range of financial products and services to 8.60 million corporate customers and 680 million personal customers. The Bank has been consciously integrating the social responsibilities with its development strategy and operation and management activities, and gaining wide recognition in the aspects of supporting pandemic containment, promoting inclusive finance, backing poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, developing green finance and participating in public welfare undertakings.

The Bank always keeps in mind its underlying mission of serving the real economy with its principal business, and along with the real economy it prospers, suffers and grows. Taking a risk-based approach and never overstepping the bottom line, it constantly enhances its capability of controlling and mitigating risks. Besides, the Bank remains steadfast in understanding and following the business rules of commercial banks to strive to be a century-old bank. It also stays committed to seeking progress with innovation while maintaining stability, continuously enhances the key development strategies, actively develops the FinTech and accelerates the digital transformation. The Bank unswervingly delivers specialized services, and pioneers a specialized business model, thus making it “a craftsman in large banking”.

The Bank was ranked the 1st place among the Top 1000 World Banks by The Banker, the 1st place in the Global 2000 by Forbes, and the 1st place in the list of commercial banks of the Global 500 in Fortune for the eighth consecutive year, and took the 1st place among the Top 500 Banking Brands of Brand Finance for the fifth consecutive year.

Financial Highlights

In 2020, the Bank strived to overcome the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and changes in the external environment, actively implemented the fee reduction and profit concession policy, enhanced financial services for the real economy, actively empowered business with technology, and strengthened risk prevention and control, so as to maintain prudential operation and development. In the year, the Bank realized a net profit of RMB317,685 million, representing an increase of RMB4,324 million or 1.4% as compared to the previous year. Return on average total assets stood at 1.00%, and return on weighted average equity was 11.95%. Operating income amounted to RMB800,075 million, representing an increase of 3.1%, of which, net interest income grew by 2.3% to RMB646,765 million; non-interest income was RMB153,310 million, up by 6.6%. Operating expenses amounted to RMB206,585 million, representing a decrease of 0.6%, and the cost-toincome ratio was 24.76%. Impairment losses on assets were RMB202,668 million, indicating an increase of 13.2%. Income tax expense fell by 5.1% to RMB74,441 million.


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