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Special Committees of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Bank consists of eight special committees, namely the Strategy Committee,Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Protection Committee, the AuditCommittee, the Risk Management Committee, the Nomination Committee, the Compensation Committee, the Related Party Transactions Control Committee and US Risk Committee.

Strategy Committee
The Strategy Committee consists of 7 directors, including Mr. Chen Siqing, Mr. Liao Lin, Mr. Lu Yongzhen, Mr. Zheng Fuqing, Mr. Anthony Francis NEOH, Mr.Nout Wellink and Mr. Fred Zuliu Hu.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Protection Committee
Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Protection Committee consists of 3 directors, including Mr. Liao Lin,  Ms. Cao Liqun and Mr. Nout Wellink.

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee consists of 7 directors, including Mr. Shen Si,  Mr. Feng Weidong, Ms. Cao Liqun, Mr. Anthony Francis NEOH, Mr. Yang Siu Shun, Mr. Nout Wellink and Mr. Fred Zuliu Hu.

Risk Management Committee
The Risk Management Committee consists of 7 directors, including Mr. Anthony Francis NEOH, Mr. Lu Yongzhen, Mr. Zheng Fuqing, Mr. Feng Weidong, Ms. Cao Liqun,Mr. Yang Siu Shun and Mr. Shen Si.

Nomination Committee
The Nomination Committee consists of 5 directors, including Mr. Fred Zuliu Hu, Mr. Liao Lin, Mr. Feng Weidong, Mr. Anthony Francis Neoh and Mr. Yang Siu Shun.

Compensation Committee
The Compensation Committee consists of 4 directors, including Mr. Nout Wellink, Mr. Lu Yongzhen, Mr. Anthony Francis Neoh and Mr. Shen Si.

Related Party Transactions Control Committee
The Related Party Transactions Control Committee consists of 3 directors, including Mr. Yang Siu Shun , Mr. Shen Si and Mr. Nout Wellink.

US Risk Committee
US Risk Committee consists of 7 directors, including Mr. Anthony Francis NEOH, Mr. Lu Yongzhen, Mr. Zheng Fuqing, Mr. Feng Weidong, Ms.Cao Liqun, Mr. Yang Siu Shun and Mr. Shen Si.